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Lean Six Sigma is a great addition to high school students’ education and not only for professionals or college students who are in the working stage or close to it. In the case of students, it helps them to be more organized, adds a valuable methodology that companies value when they add it to their curriculums, and develops more personal skills to enhance their abilities in solo or team projects. Lean Six Sigma is a proven methodology that has many benefits, and it is only a matter of paying close attention to each of them to make a decision. Our company, Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Santa Fe High School Students of New Mexico, offers you all the services so you can get trained, learn more, and be a valuable asset for any business or just yourself.

Many people believe they can learn LSS by themselves without any professional training. If it were so easy, most people would simply use the internet to watch a few videos and read some documents.

LSS is not something that you can learn in a book and by yourself as it isn’t only about theory, concepts, and terminology, but also real-life cases and some practice to dominate and understand how it works. You will need to practice it and have someone guide you through how to use LSS and implement it in more than manufacturing since, today, people find its value in more than just your regular industries.

Our team and members at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Santa Fea are available to assist you at any stage of integration and regardless of being a student or professional seeking some assistance. We can help you apply the methodology to your professional or personal life, depending on what your goals and needs are or, more like, based on them.

The first step is to understand the basics of the method. To avoid problems during training, it is essential to be familiar with technical terminology.

LSS is a system that focuses on continuous improvement, customer service, and cost reduction. In later years, individuals found a way to ensure that the continuous improvement approach was applied to other processes and systems and not just manufacturing. Thus, industries such as healthcare and finance can reap all the benefits of using it and training their workers.

Sigma encompasses all principles related to collaboration and productivity as well as teamwork.

Our company is one of the most qualified Lean Six Sigma firms in the state. We can help you to understand the concept and to adapt it to your goals and needs.

We offer certificates for high school students, college students, and anyone else who is interested in learning and obtaining their certification.

You can request the service from one person or a group of people or an entire company that wants to create a program and open the option for those under their wings.

How Do You Know If LSS Is Worth It?

This team-oriented approach is designed to increase productivity and performance regardless of industry or location.

Six Sigma is more beneficial for businesses than it was to individuals, or that’s what most people believed to some point.

Lean Six Sigma has been used in personal projects and ideas for the past five to ten years, as opposed to its three-decade-long application in manufacturing and business.

It helps improve process management, eliminate defects, and help individuals understand the waste. This can be either about materials or other elements like unused talent. 

In addition, it can be used by practitioners and implementers to help them focus their resources on the most valuable processes and avoid wasting money on ones that don’t merit or won’t yield good returns.

Controlling process variation is key because it is important to constantly improve them and not just find a temporary solution. This is crucial not only for the manufacturing sector but also for all businesses and people who want to aim for personal growth.

Let’s not forget that LSS was built using two methods: Six Sigma, which promotes standardization and flows, and Lean, which eliminates waste and strives for customer satisfaction.

Combine the two and teach Sigma to high school students and college students. They will learn how to use processes and make sure every step is worthwhile. This will allow them to save time and money and have career advantages over their peers.

Students will be able to learn faster and have better access to information if high schools and colleges implement it or open programs with experts like us that allow students to reach a specific level in the methodology for more benefits.

It is important to realize that Six Sigma and Lean are vital for process improvement. This means that you need the whole LSS methodology to get the results you desire, but you will need to learn about the main methodologies that influenced it as well.

Does this answer the question about Sigma being worthwhile the time and resources? Both yes and no.

These benefits are important to remember so that you can understand how it is valuable for your company, institution, and as a student or business professional who is interested in this methodology.

  • Students learn to solve problems.
  • Students and professionals alike will benefit from understanding and working together to achieve the shared goal of understanding how teams work.
  • They will be able to see beyond detection and work towards prevention.
  • They will be taught leadership and organizational skills that they can then use during training.
  • Increase confidence and decision-making.
  • You can improve your processes and save time.
  • Lean is a method of identifying and reducing waste.
  • Encourage employees to be more involved.
  • Achieve continuous growth and improvement.

Lean Six Sigma: How It Works

As we have already mentioned, this method combines the best aspects of Six Sigma and Lean.

LSS can be described as a way to continuously improve. Companies can reduce waste and solve problems, which are some of the benefits previously mentioned.

LSS works and can help both individuals and companies achieve amazing growth and improvements.

DMAIC-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Santa Fe

Six Sigma’s DMAIC structure allows for maximum efficiency, making it possible for professionals and students alike and not only for processes within companies:

  • Define: It is important to rank the problems that you are trying to solve after defining them.
  • Measure: The data from the previous phase can be used to measure any process or problem and determine its effectiveness as well as how it impacts your business.
  • Analyze: Identify the problem and analyze it. This will enable you to start searching for a solution.
  • Improve: Now, implement your solutions to solve each problem, and you will see the results.
  • Control: Continue to implement the solutions that you have chosen. Examine the results to determine if any changes were made or if the solutions are producing the desired results.

Meanwhile, you will want to keep these Lean benefits—the methodology alone—:

  • Defining value.
  • The mapping of the value stream.
  • Inspire flow.
  • Smart is a pull system.
  • Perfection is what you want.

LSS combines the best of both Lean and Six Sigma, but that doesn’t make it a single combination. This adds value to the process by focusing on waste and production and fills gaps when comparing it to both methodologies individually.

What you need to notice is that Lean’s principles and 6 Sigma structures allow the opportunity to seek better results based on how you can establish a system with the correct ideologies.

High School Students Can Take Advantage of LSS Benefits

“This method does not aim to improve your performance.” This is what most people believe.

We at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Santa Fe have discovered that LSS isn’t the best way to work with companies, or more like, they aren’t the ones that benefit from training and certification the most.

Their workers are the ones who get the most benefits. Without them, the methodology can’t be operated and implemented.

We understand that professionals and students can also benefit from this program as they will learn how to manage their time, tasks, and resources, improve processes and ensure that they, as well as their companies, are focusing on the right goals and areas.

LSS, as we see it, is a way to help individuals reach their potential and collaborate with professionals who need them.

We want students, schools, and companies to understand the benefits of this program.

This is a great way to increase your chances of a job and to learn new skills such as problem-solving and teamwork.

Both individuals and groups can learn leadership skills.

LSS is a tool that helps students learn and makes their lives easier. They don’t need to find the perfect solution every single time. They will instead focus on data and processes and how to get the most out of what they already have. This will enable them to be more productive in their personal and professional lives.

LSS certifications are useful for personal growth and earning credits towards graduation while they bring career advantages to whoever gets one.

What We Offer to Every Person & Company

We have been supporting students and workers since the 2000s. We encourage the growth and development of all people and ensure that everyone can apply this method at their level.

Two main certifications are offered by our company:

This certification is highly sought after because it emphasizes DMAIC implementation through case studies in companies and industries. This certification will allow you to achieve your career goals and give you more practice in any industry.

A green belt is able to understand technical terminology and can work on large-scale projects. A yellow belt is required to reach this level whatsoever.

While we are primarily focused on LSS, this is not the only way that we can help individuals, businesses, and institutions. We recognize the importance of having strong leaders in schools, companies, and organizations, and Leadership Excellence is one of our solutions for this very reason.

These courses allow students to make difficult decisions and lead groups in college or high school. This is also possible for business professionals.

Workshops and innovation consulting are available to assist businesses and individuals in developing new products and services as well.

This package and 6 Sigma will help you grow professionally and make better business decisions.

Contact us to find out more about LSS and to have our team introduce it to you.